XP Game Developer

Summit 2021

April 8, 2021

The XP Game Developer Summit 2021 is a free online alternative to our premium B2B live event. Our online events continue our goal to support industry growth by providing professional development opportunities to expand the skills and network of industry professionals. This year we’ll be hosting a series of free talks viewable on Twitch as well as a free playable game showcase powered by Trail. The games will be playable directly from your browser. Additionally, industry professionals from around the world will be able to connect via the MeetToMatch platform through a paid business pass.


Business Transactions

Gain access to developers, publishers and investors with our business pass thanks to the MeetToMatch platform.

XP Game Showcase

A showcase of upcoming indie games with multiple games playable directly in your browser.

Panels & Workshops

Elevate your industry knowledge with offerings from industry experts & thought leaders.

The XP Game Developer Summit will host talks and panels led by mentors in the video game industry. The talks will be broadcast live on our Twitch channel as well as through the MeetToMatch platform. We encourage you to attend the talks live in order to participate in the Q&A sessions after the talks. Check back weekly as we announce more talk and panel information!

APRIL 8, 2021

Moderator: Marshal Carper

Panelists: Alexander Hermansson & Willem Demmers

Trail makes it possible to play native games in the browser. Make your game ultra-accessible and viral with the best WebGL player on the market – no sacrifices on performance or quality.

Join the Damage Labs co-founders in a discussion about how DMG has been working to create a network of social impact games studios in order to support founders from under represented backgrounds become investment ready. Hear about the gaps they are looking to fill with the program, and the barriers that marginalized founders face in becoming financially sustainable as a business as well as their plans to expand the program past it’s current pilot cohort.


Moderator: Matthew Walach

Panelists: Aaryn Flynn, Mojdeh Gharbi, Keith Warner, Byron Gaum, Lucile Bousquet

Canada is the 3rd largest contributor to the global gaming economy. With government grants and incentives, Canada offers unique opportunities for entrepreneurs in the gaming industry. Join a panel of experts who recently made big bets in Canada’s gaming industry and discover what opportunities are available.

XP is proud to host the XP Summit Student Pitch featuring Sheridan College’s 4th year game design students and their capstone projects. Teams of students will pitch their game or project to a panel of judges which will offer critiques and constructive feedback.

Moderator: Geoffrey Lachapelle

Panelists: Dan Ayoub, Dr. Kristopher Alexander, Dr. Krista-Lee Malone, Dr. Peter Kuling

Video Games are a natural supplement when it comes to modern teaching tools. Join a panel of experts in the education field who see gaming as a unique tool to provide efficient ways for students to learn in the 21st century.

Moderator: Carl-Edwin Michel

Panelists: Jayson Hilchie, Chris Ferriera, Mary-Kaye Fraser, Osama Dorias

The Canadian gaming industry has changed and evolved significantly over the last decade. The global pandemic has forced unprecedented changes to those working in the gaming sector across Canada. Join a panel of experts from across the country as they share their insights on what’s changed over the years, where we’re at after a year ravaged by a pandemic and what’s still needed in our industry.

XP is proud to host the XP Summit Student Pitch featuring Sheridan College’s 4th year game design students and their capstone projects. Teams of students will pitch their game or project to a panel of judges which will offer critiques and constructive feedback.


Carl-Edwin Michel

Founder of the Canadian Game Awards

Mojdeh Gharbi

VP of Marketing & Operations at Certain Affinity

Keith Warner

CEO at New World Interactive

Jayson Hilchie

CEO & President at ESAC

Kaitlin Tremblay

Lead Narrative Designer at Capy Games

Sushama Chakraverty

Technical Director at Prodigy Games

Vieko Franetovic

Director of Interactive at Devolver Digital

Dan Ayoub

VP of Canadian Operations & Toronto GM at Certain Affinity

Izzie Colpitts-Campbell

Executive Director at DMG

Dr. Peter Kuling

Assistant Professor at University of Guelph

Geoff LaChapelle

Co-founder of IQ Esports

Dr. Krista-Lee Malone

Faculty Associate at UW-Madison

Dr. Kristopher Alexander

Professor of Video Games at Ryerson University

Joanie Kraut

CEO at Women in Games International

Lucile Bousquet

Corporate Affairs Associate VP at Ubisoft

Alexander Hermansson

Business Development at Trail

Willem Demmers

CEO at Trail

Jennie Robinson Faber

Manager of Operations at DMG

Aaryn Flynn

GM at Improbable

Ben Mcilmoyle

Senior Developer Advocate for Games at Unity

Byron Gaum

Product Lead at Prodigy

Matthew Walach

Partner at Insert Coin Accounting

Mary-Kaye Fraser

Head of Studio at Clipwire Games

Chris Ferriera

VP of Creative at beHAVIOUR Interactive

Osama Dorias

Lead Game Designer at WB Games Montreal