XP Share Mentorship Program

XP Share Mentorship Program

Thursday Apr 22, 2-5PM EST

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XP Share connects working professionals to game design students and is a chance for leaders to give back to their community by providing critique, insight, and resources for personal and professional development. XP Share participants form connections to new talent and give feedback to developing titles in the indie space today.

Thank you to all of our mentors in the past for being so supportive and willing to share their experiences with us. 



The mentorship session takes place privately on the XP Game Developer Summit Zoom. Log on as a guest or create an account.


92% of mentees would recommend XP Share based on our 2020 feedback survey.

How To Get Involved?

Full instructions will be sent via email to volunteers.

  • Please apply here.
  • You will receive a confirmation email and a calendar invite to a Zoom call.
  • Ensure your camera and microphone are working properly prior to the session and log on from 2-5pm EST. We encourage all mentors to stay for the full session.
  • Each mentor will be assigned a breakout room and students will rotate through the rooms. We will make every effort to pair student interest with a mentor with the corresponding expertise where possible.
  • Although XP Share is an annual event, if a mentor wishes, they may choose to continue meeting with mentees on a case-by-case basis outside of XP.
  • A feedback survey will be sent to assess the program shortly after.

April 8, 2021

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