XP Game Developers Online

XP Game Developers Online is a free online alternative to our premium B2B event, XP Game Developer Summit. This event continues our goal to support industry growth by providing professional development opportunities to expand the skills and network of industry professionals.


Broadcasted gaming talks and panels on Mixer geared to elevate your career in the industry.

Build one-on-one mentorship sessions in private video chats across several areas of interest.

A showcase of indie and student games.

Presentations & Workshops

XP Game Developers Online will host 12 talks and panels broadcasted on Mixer led by leaders in the video game industry focused on helping you gain more knowledge and skills to advance your career. All presentation times are presented in EST.

April 28

Presenter: Brad LeDonne, Associate Systems Designer at Certain Affinity


Failure is a word that strikes fear into most, but Brad LeDonne is here to let you know that failure can be an option, as long as you learn from it. With a focus towards students and individuals looking for their first career, he’ll discuss some personal experiences with failure early in his career, what he learned, and how to embrace failure towards personal growth while still showcasing your passion to the world.

Presenter: Microsoft


Join us for a free workshop and discover how to rock your LinkedIn profile. Get a hands-on start developing a stellar profile and learn how to grow your professional LinkedIn skills. Build your online brand, engage with your network, and sharpen your resume.

Presenter: Matthew Walach & Muddassir Mahmood from Insert Coin Accounting


We’ll run through the current measures in place, help delineate how to apply, and alleviate any confusion.  But perhaps, more importantly, we’ll discuss where the current measures miss the boat as it relates to our industry and what is currently being done to advocate for further additions.

Microsoft and XP Game Developers Online presents a Women in Gaming Panel featured on Mixer! Learn and be inspired by leading women in the gaming industry. 

Moderator/Host: Maria Nina A.

Gaming Expert, Microsoft




  • Genevieve St-Onge

Co-Founder at popagenda


  • Kate Edwards

Executive Director, Global Game Jam

CEO & Principal Consultant, Geogrify


  • Sarah Conde

Program Manager, Xbox 2PP


  • Sarita Viramontez

Sr. Business Development Manager, Xbox

Presenter: Kate Edwards – Executive Director of Global Game Jam


With over 30 years of experience in digital media as a geographer and culturalization strategist, and 27+ years in games, Kate Edwards has been involved in the creation of many games, including major titles such as Halo, Fable, Age of Empires, Mass Effect, Call of Duty, and many, many others. She has seen it all when it comes to geopolitical and cultural issues that are often overlooked in content creation and can negatively affect the ability of content to be accepted overseas, and she has seen designers miss opportunities to create more robust worlds that engage the players from diverse cultural backgrounds. Kate will discuss the field of content culturalization and how it can assist game creators with building better game worlds that account for a wider range of cultural and geopolitical considerations.

Presenter: Marshal D. Carper, CMO at Mega Cat Studios


The industry around new retro is very much alive. Game designers are creating successful new retro titles that are playable on retro hardware. Manufacturers are releasing sleek new aftermarket consoles. Hackers are breathing life into old games with new game modes and community-driven events. And a new generation of game designers is appealing to the retro soul of gamers around the world in their creation of new games for modern hardware, deliberately drawing huge swaths of inspiration from the era of CRT screens and empty Surge cans.

In fact, the retro industry is very much a thriving corner of gaming culture and gaming business, but the confusion and skepticism around this space could be limiting its full potential. Part celebration and part impassioned lecture, this talk aims to provide a deep look into new retro, exploring what makes it viable as a business and delving into the impact it continues to have on the gaming present.

Presenter: Emmanuel Evdemon


A casual discussion of key elements in a Videogame Publishing Agreement with a top Videogame Lawyer.  The discussion will cover topics like “The importance of clear approvals and delivery terms”, “What terms like Territory, Exclusivity, Term, Cross-Collateralization, and others mean for a videogame developer”, and “The importance of properly negotiating like Marketing, Reversion, and Analytics”.

April 29

Presenter: Annette Stavenow Eriksson & Tommy Persson –

Welcome to a talk about game developers’ mistakes with IP rights, music collaboration and other easy deals that have the potential to make your future revenues disappear. Or worse, lose your company.

The lawyer company´s CEO Annette, and Tommy, the most experienced video game lawyers in Sweden, will tell you stories from real life and explain the advantages of taking the legal parts seriously when making games.

Questions you may have that will be answered during this session:
When and why do you need to use external lawyer help? Is it important to have a lawyer specialized in videogames or will any lawyer be OK?

Why is it necessary to have proper contracts? What can happen if you don’t?

We will also talk about the importance of negotiating in a smart and clever way and point out ways to do so.

Take the chance to level-up your thoughts about video game law to avoid mistakes other people have already made!

Presenter: Microsoft

In this virtual training session, you will discover best practices for optimizing your home environment for work, maintaining productivity while working 
remotely and how to use Microsoft Teams to stay connected, collaborate and manage a virtual team. This training is delivered through Microsoft Teams which will allow you to interact directly with the facilitator, ask questions and collaborate with other attendees as you continue to improve your work from home capabilities.

Presenter: Gabriel Branyiczky


Cut down on keystrokes, cut down on monotony, and reach new levels of comfort and control using your PC. Learn how you can use the free software “AutoHotkey” to solve a wide variety of problems and accelerate the development of your project.

Presenter: Randy Orenstein

Presentation of the ongoing design process of my current game project, with a focus on many iterations within the UI and core functionality of the project, and the personal struggles I have faced developing it. Audience takeaways will be tips and ideas for UI development, systems design, design iteration, and self-care during a protracted development cycle.

Presenter: Microsoft

In this one-hour workshop, you’ll learn accessibility features in Windows 10 and Office 365 relevant to your life. You will leave empowered to communicate and experience the world through these tools.  During this workshop, you will:


Learn how Microsoft’s assistive technology can empower how you communicate, learn, and experience the world.


Explore accessibility tools and features of Windows 10 and Office 365.


Discover relevant Microsoft resources and ways to continue your learning after the workshop.

Presenter: Microsoft


Windows 10 and Office 365 is designed for today’s business world. Upgrade your business practices and boost productivity at our free 60-minute workshop, where we’ll show you how Windows 10 can help you get mobile, work seamlessly on and off the cloud, keep your data secure, and much more. We’ll show you how Windows 10 can help you communicate and collaborate with your team with cloud services and Windows Store apps.



Kate Edwards

Executive Director at Global Game Jam

Brad LeDonne

Associate Systems Designer at Certain Affinity

Genevieve St-Onge

Co-Founder at popagenda

Marshal Carper

CMO at Mega Cat Studios

Maria Nina A.

Gaming Expert at Microsoft

Randy Orenstein

Independent Game Developer

Sarita Viramontez

Sr. Business Development Manager at Xbox

Gabriel Branyiczky

Independent Game Designer

Sara Conde

Program Manager at Xbox 2PP

Tommy Persson

Lawer at

Annette Stavenow Eriksson

President at

Muddassir Mahmood

Partner at Insert Coin Accounting

Matthew Walach

Partner at Insert Coin Accounting

Emmanuel Evdemon 

BA, LL.B., LL.L. at Entertainment Counsel

XP Game Showcase

Welcome to the XP Digital Game Showcase!  Displayed below is a showcase of indie and student games currently in development from around the world. These games range from early concept demos to games in the final stages of release. If you’d like more information on any of the games shown here we encourage you to reach out to the development team via the links provided in the game’s description page.

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April 28 -29

XP Game Developers Online

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