The Hermit: Nature’s Hero

The Hermit: Nature’s Hero

The Hermit: Nature’s Hero is an action-adventure fantasy game with an open-world and third-person combat. The game takes place on Sunglow Island, one of many in a vast and vibrant archipelago.

Living alongside humans and in the wild are special creatures that share an affinity with one of the three elements:

Aquis, the element of water,

Ignis, the element of fire,

and Floris, the element of plant.

When cults – each worshipping one of the three elements – rose to threaten the natural balance of the world, the islanders hardly stood a chance to defend themselves and their homes.

You are a hermit living on the outskirts of society, completely unaware that the peaceful land you know has been thrown into turmoil and chaos. When you are forced to leave the safety of your home for the first time in your life, you quickly realize that you are an anomaly – and perhaps the only person who can bring this land back to peace.

  • Dynamic combat system with a mixture of melee combat and elemental magic
  • Swap between the elements to gain an advantage over your opponents. Fire beats Plant, Plant beats Water, and Water beats Fire.
  • Explore a colourful and vibrant open world with uniquely-designed creatures and characters
  • Loot powerful new weapons and armour from enemies and chests scattered throughout the world
  • Craft various potions to aid you in combat

It’s time to begin your journey from Hermit to Hero! Keep going until even the gods know of your greatness!

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