Scrapbook is a first-person 3D puzzle game with a mysterious mood. The players’ goal is to escape from a dollhouse and the blueprint that the players have access to will be the key to solving the puzzles. By exploring the house and you will find cards with different rooms on them. By placing them on the blueprint paper, you will be able to rotate and arrange them.


In the first-person view:

  • WASD to move
  • Spacebar to jump
  • Left mouse button to pick up
  • Hold left mouse button to grab

In the blueprint view:

  • While hovering on the card, press Q or E to rotate it
  • Drag the card to move it

Our Team:  

  • Stefan Haynes:  music, sound design
  • Anna Guo: team lead, programming, level design
  • Leon Yun: team lead, programming
  • Zelin Tan: programming, level design
  • Jackson Han: programming, UI implementation
  • Vaneeza Usman: Art
  • Zhilin Guan: Art
  • Kenneth Louie: Art, level design


Click here to play!